Place des Vosges


Once upon a time…Christian Louis, Creator and Master Perfumer, was born in Versailles.

His life is a perfume! The story of an old blue-eyed grey wolf, which leads him to become a creator and Master Perfumer. He makes his fi rst olfactory blends in Grasse. His father is a cabinetmaker and his mother a secretary in the national police force.

Christian Louis has written a partly autobiographical novel called « Usain Ona meaning « The nice smell », the soul of an old wolf born more than four thousand years ago in the shadow of the pyramids. When he was eleven years old, his maternal grandmother gave him the military trunk once belonging to his great-grandfather; inside he discovers the medals and decorations of this ancestral 1914-1918 war hero.

There is a sword, a kepi, epaulettes, medals, and above all a bayonet wrapped up in a wolf‛s skin, patchouli leaves and a military citation for feats in battle in Montenegro…For more than fi fteen years Christian Louis worked in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry in the USA, and the group Eli Lilly- Elisabeth Arden, before becoming a student and Master Perfumer in Grasse.

After long studies he created his own perfume company in 1996.

In classical music: he likes the Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; he has created a perfume: « Once upon a time…Mozart ». He admires the talent and personality of the Chevalier de Saint George, the Black Mozart; he has created a perfume for this forgotten musician in France‛s history: Chevalier de Saint George.

In songs: he likes Barbra Streisand‛s interpretation of « The Way We Were » or else « Memory ». He has dedicated a perfume to the singer: « New York » ; with original, personalized, and exclusive olfactory creations, he has paid glowing tribute to people such as the Dalai Lama, Carla Bruni, Michel Drücker, Mireille Darc, Bernard Thomas, Anne Etchegoyen…

In cinema he adores Kevin Costner, especially in the fi lm « Dances with Wolves », and also Yves Montand in « Jean de Florette »

His favorite authors are : Emile Zola, Alexandre Dumas, Maurice Genevois, Voltaire et Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Patrick Süskind, Philippe Claudel…

His role models in perfumery are : Edmond Roudniska, Jean Paul Guerlain, Jean-Claude Helena, Coty, Ernest Beaux, Jacques Maurel, Philippe Collet…In his laboratories in the Basque Country.

He has developed two brands: « Parfums et Senteurs du Pays Basque » then « Christian Louis Maître Parfumeur Paris ». Which fragrance most interests this creator? Answers : « I wear all of my perfumes, men‛s or women‛s!… I must confess a distinct preference for leather notes and to be under the permanent and continuing charm of the fragrance: « Un Amour de Patchouli » ; nothing other than five patchoulis from the fi ve regions of the Indies, no chemical notes, only natural! »

If we ask him: « What is your dearest wish? Answer : To remain a free spirit and to distinguish myself as a creator in the present day world of perfume ! And above all, that my perfumes may unite men and women of all races, cultures and religions in the harmony and respect of each one!!!… »

Christian Louis has created more than a hundred original fragrances using traditional methods. These are presented in his shop in Paris 18 Place des Vosges : Abolition, Vive l‛Empereur, Espelette, Cythère, Tobago, Biarritz, New York, La Féria, Princesses Orientales, Usain Ona, Danses Orientales, Québec, Parfum Basque, Un Amour de Patchouli, Euskadi, Bambou, Bleu, Magdalena, 18 Place des Vosges, Grenouille, Cèdres du Liban, Les Ecuries du Prince, Florida, Florida by Night… « What is your finest olfactory creation? Answer: The next one ! I am going to design it with the senses and the mind, like a constantly renewed search for the absolute.

In a way, the myth of Sisyphus…!